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How It Works – The Youth Development Program is a unique program designed to help parents with the cost of their child’s racing.

Any Child up to the age of 16 years old is eligible to participate, although we continue to help all our racers throughout their racing careers.

The purchase of your youth seat includes 1 free resize as the child grows. As long as they stay in the same type of racing seat we also may trade that seat in for a different size and all you would pay is the shipping back to you.

If your child changes divisions or just becomes too big for the current seat type and a new seat is needed; The Joie of Seating will take the current seat as a trade in. We will give you 50% of the original cost of the seat you are trading in towards your next seat. (There are exceptions to this rule, if we have to do extensive work to sell the seat to a new customer.)

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